Sailing: Cuba not only at sea

Sailing: Cuba not only at sea

Sailing around the largest island of the Caribbean - Cuba

"La vida es corta pero una sonrisa sólo precisa un segundo", life is short, but the effort of a smile lasts only a second. That's a Cuban saying. And when you talk to sailors who return from a trip in Cuba, you see such a smile. Enthusiasm remains - and it´s not only the sailing experiences that create beautiful memories. Cuba excites.

Charteryachten auf Kuba
Yachts at Cuba

Cuba with a charter yacht

The largest offshore islands, the Cayos. For a trip, for example from Cienfuegos, there are different variants. So for example this 7 day tour for sailing in Cuba.

Sailing in Cuba - trip suggestion for 7 days

Day 1: Cienfuegos - Guano del este

Day 2: Playa Sirena - Cayo Largo

Day 3: Cayo Largo - Ballanetos - Quinto Canal

Day 4: Quinto Canal - Cayo Rosario

Day 5: Cayo Rosario - Cayo Estopa - Cayo Rico

Day 6: Cayo Rico - Cayo Largo - Cayo Sal

Day 7: Cayo Sal – Cienfuegos

Seekarte Segeln auf Kuba
Sailing around Cuba - nautical chart

If you plan to sail in Cuba for a longer time you might consider this sailing tour for 14 days.

Tour Suggestion 14 days sailing in Cuba

Day 1: Cienfuegos - Marina Trinidad or Cayo Blanco

Day 2: Visite de Trinidad

Day 3: Marina Trinidad - Cayo Zaza de afuera

Day 4: Cayo Zaza de afuera - Cayo Breton

Day 5: Cayo Breton - Cayo Casimba - Punta de Boca Grande

Day 6: Punta de boca Grande - Cayo Caballones

Day 7: Cayo Caballones - Cayo Largo

Day 8: Cayo Largo

Day 9: Cayo Largo - Playa Sirena

Day 10: Playa Sirena - Ballanetos - Quinto Canal

Day 11: Quinto Canal - Cayo Rosario

Day 12: Cayo Rosario - Cayo Estopa - Cayo Rico

Day 13: Cayo Rico - Cayo Largo - Cayo Sal

Day 14: Cayo Sal - Cienfuegos

Trip reports of happy Master Yachting customers can be found here.

A little tip from us: Transfers and provisions should always be pre-ordered in Cuba. Sometimes there may be shortages on certain products or on fuel, and a pre-order allows the charterer on site to get the requested services more flexible.

Kubas Hauptstadt Havanna
Havana is the capital city of Cuba

Fascination Cuba - exotic Havana

Alte Autos auf havannas Straßen
Oldtimer in Havana

If you visit Cuba, you can not miss Havana. The capital of Cuba, shaped by the Spanish colonial architecture of the 16th century, is the Caribbean capital par excellence with approximately 2 million inhabitants. A city of contrasts that is definitely worth a visit. A hotel tip from us: the Los Frailes. Approximately 40 minutes from the airport, the former convent offers a great ambience with a lovely courtyard and a stylish lobby bar.

There is no business like show business - Tropicana Show

On each Cuba travel list should be a visit to the Tropicana show: Taking place in 1939 for the first time, she is now famous for her dancers, colorful costumes and spirited music. Do not miss the unique spectacle of the "Tropicana Show" in Havana. You are in good company: Édith Piaf, Ernest Hemingway, and Marlon Brando have already got their enthusiasm there.

Havanna - die größte Stadt der Karibik
Caribbean metropole Havana

Rum - the product of Cuba

Somehow, seafaring and rum are inextricably linked: Until 1970, a daily ration of rum was served to the sailors in the British Royal Navy. Cuba is famous for its rum distilleries - and a trip to the Bacardi distillery or the Rum Museum in Havana's old town should definitely be there. After all, this drink made the island famous - or was it the other way around?

Pinar del Rio - the "Tobacco province"

The tobacco province of Pinar del Rio with its cigar factories and fields is also well known. Cuban cigars are still world famous - even though tobacco smoking is known to be harmful. A trip into the world of tobacco fields and the craftsmanship and passion behind the product, however, is second to none and therefore a very special experience.

Segeln auf Kuba, ein toller Strand
Cuban beach