Top 5 Sustainable Sailing

Top 5 Sustainable Sailing

How to enjoy your sailing holiday and take care of the sea

Top 5 Sustainable Sailing



1.) Use biodegradable products

Most of the stuff you use on a sailboat may end up in the water, no matter if it is about doing dishes or taking a shower. Be mindful of the environmental impact of products you use! Use biodegradable cleaning products (never bleach!), shampoo, and shower gel. Try to find unbleached, biodegradable toilet paper, and use the shore facilities whenever possible.


2.) Reduce your waste - and recycle!

Avoiding plastic and reducing the use of packages is a quite common idea these days. Packaging-free stores allow you to fill your own containers. Or bring your own reusable bags when buying fruits, vegetables, and groceries. Separate glass, plastic, paper, and cans from the other waste and dispose at the dedicated onshore recycling bins. One of the easiest things to do is to take reusable bottles with you on charter.

3.) Respect wildlife

You are privileged as a sailor. Your boat allows you to enter wild and natural environments not everyone can enter. But that goes of course with a certain responsibility. Respect the creatures that live there. Keep your distance, especially from nesting birds or whales with calves. If you fish, don’t take more than you can eat.

4.) Anchorage

One of the simplest but also most important topics: Be careful where and how you drop the anchor. Anchoring without care and without being mindful can cause damage on plants and other marine life on the seafloor.


5.) Take your time to sail

The wind is one of the most clean and cheap form of energy – so why use the engine? That sometimes means waiting for good weather. Therefore, you should consider adjusting the route If the wind abandons you, wait for it or anchor in a nearby bay. The rewards stretch beyond lower fuel bills and fewer emissions: you’ll get a sense of achievement and calmness from living in the rhythm of nature. It does require some flexibility in your planning, so avoid following a set itinerary. And nowhere else than on a sailing trip this one sentence nails it more: The journey is the reward. 😊