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The Costa Brava spans the area from the French border near Port Bou to Barcelona (Spain). The coast here is segmented, rich with bays and ports. We are in Catalonia, the "Texas" of Spain. Self-confident people - independent and a little different. Before all, the language here is not Spanish but Catalan. Historical towns in Spain will make your sailing holiday very diversified. Mainly Barcelona is a magnet for tourists, not only sailors. Due to the central location of the ports it becomes almost a must to call their ports and embark on cultural exploration tours.

About 200 seamiles to the south we find the Costa Blanca, the region with the famous city of Dania. Here, the coast of Spain, is again perfectly suited for a sailing trip, after the relatively monotonous course of the Gulf of Valencia. And Ibiza is only a stone's throw from here (about 50 seamiles).

If you love special things, you will love southern Spain. From Sotogrande - near Gibraltar - it is even possible to go to Africa. Note that you should have looked into current navigation very thoroughly before attempting that, though. A journey between Andalusia, Gibraltar and Tanger is almost guaranteed to be a unique experience.

Large Ports: Alicante, Barcelona, Denia

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