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Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Lipari, Vulcano and Panarea surely belong to the highlights of every sailing trip in Sicily. Hiking along the mountain slopes, crater-excursions and a visit of the historic sites invite you to do a land excursion in Italy. Watching the hot lava currents of Stromboli during sundown from aboard, how they flow directly into the sea, is an unforgettable view.

A relaxing sailing trip in Italy is suited to experienced sailors as well as to rookies. The fair wind in your face, maybe a cool bath or a romantic candle-light-dinner will inspire you. And since this is rounded off by the delicious sicilian cuisine that you can find in most ports, you too will probably be captured by italy's unique charm.

On the northern and western coast of Sicily (Italy) winds blow predominantly to NW, mostly wind strengths of 3-4. The winds that predominate the eastern and southern coast mostly come from the southwest. The sea wind principle is very distinct here: at noon the wind strength is about 4-5, towards the evening it calms down almost completely.

Large Ports: Agropoli, Castellamare, Ischia

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