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"A yacht was originally defined as a light, fast sailing vessel used to convey important persons. In later parlance, the definition came to mean any vessel, other than a dinghy, propelled by sail, power or both and used for pleasure cruising and/or yacht racing.

A sailing yacht can vary in overall length (LOA in yachting parlance) from about 6 m (20 feet) to well over 30 m (98 feet) or more. However, most privately owned yachts fall on the range of about 7 m to 14 m (about 23-46 ft); the cost of building and keeping a yacht rises quickly at greater lengths.

Monohull yachts are typically fitted with a fixed or adjustable keel below the waterline to counterbalance the overturning force of wind on the vessel's sails. By contrast, Multihull yachts (a catamaran is an example of this type of vessel) use two or more hulls widely separated from each other to provide a stable base that resists overturning.

Until the 1950s almost all yachts were made of boards of wood (steel was also used for bigger yachts) but nowadays there is a much wider range of materials. Most common is fibreglass, but also steel, aluminium and even ferrocement are used. Wood is still used (traditional board based methods as well as modern technologies based on plywood, veneers and epoxy-glues etc ), but wood is mostly used when building individual boats, less often in industrial boat building."

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